Welcome back to Term 4 which is going to be a very busy Term. I hope all parents and children enjoyed the holiday break and are looking forward to another wonderful term of learning. I spent a great deal of time gardening over the holidays in preparation for my son's 18th Birthday, which is today. 


Holiday Work

Over the holidays a bit of work was completed around the school including painting, cleaning, tree pruning, plumbing, pest spraying, electrical testing and curbing at the front of the school. The Nature Play area work will begin very shortly as there has been some delays due to changes to the design.


Plenary Council 2020

Over the last few Newsletters I have outlined that the Australian Catholic Bishops will be holding a plenary council which invites everyone to participate and to express whatever the Spirit is saying to them in their heart. We are all invited to have our own say. To do this you can follow the link below which provides further information and a link to a questionnaire which may take around 10 minutes to complete. If you do not want to answer a question, move onto the next one. If you would like to submit a more detailed response, you are invited to upload additional files at the end of the submission. This can include longer documents, artwork, images or music.


Parking - Front of school



Over the holidays work was completed at the front of the school to assist with parking and dropping students off.


Church Parking

We are very fortunate that the Parish allow us to use the parking area in front of the church. Parents are asked not to park in this area on a Thursday morning to allow parishioners to park. I asked for your assistance in this matter as it would be very unfortunate if we were no longer able to use this area.


Drop Off

When using the drop off area the front car is asked to drive to the front church doors. This will then allow other cars to line up and drop off. When students are dropped off here they are to us the side gate to enter the school.


Parent Parking

The curbing along miles street was changed to a Semi Mountable curb which will allow cars to easily park on the grassed area. Please see diagram above regarding best positioning for parking. Parents and students are asked to use the ramp to enter the school. No one should be entering the school through the staff carpark.


Visitor Parking

This parking is to allow visitors to the school to have an available space to park. On many occasions visitors who only have short meetings, such as new families, have been unable to find parking. This parking is also able to be used by parents who are dropping off or picking up students from the front office who do not need to stay for an extended period of time.


No Parking

I shouldn’t have to state this but please do not park in the “No Parking” areas. When parking in these areas it is very dangerous reversing out as children occasionally run across these areas.


God Bless


Nic Gaglia