Dear Families,

Each year as our OLGC Library Evangelisation Project we hold a GREAT Book Swap. This event draws our students’ attention to the inequity experienced by many children in remote Aboriginal communities and raises funds to purchase books which are given to families at schools and health centres in remote Australia.

Families are asked to tidy their book shelves and collections and to donate any books no longer required to our swap. The coming school holidays may be a good opportunity to do this. Books can be left at the OLGC Library on any day.

This year our event will be held on Wednesday May 23rd.  Students are asked to bring along some money and buy from these second- hand books and so support our cause.

All money raised goes to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Students attend the Book Swap during class time and parents are welcome to pop in at any time during the day. We are also happy to receive adult books.

Thank You in anticipation of your support.

Sheila O’Callaghan

Teacher Librarian