Easter & Stations of the Cross 

A few weeks ago we ended school with a beautiful service for The Stations of the Cross with staff, students and parents. Each station, presented by classes, represented each step of the walk of Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. Easter Sunday is the most significant day in the Catholic Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. On this special day many participate in a joyous Mass, celebrate the day with family and friends and give out and receive Chocolate Easter eggs and Easter Bunnies. The giving of Easter eggs represent Jesus' emergence from the tomb, resurrection and New Life. I hope everyone enjoyed this special time with family and friends.


Kindy, Pre Primary & Nature Play Building Project

This morning I had a site meeting with the architect and building supervisor regarding the Kindy room, Kindy & Pre Primary Toilets and nature play works. As you would have noticed there have been some delays with the project. The first delay was regarding the council requesting further information which meant that the schedule of works had to be reorganised and trades redeployed to other jobs.

The next issue was discovered when works on the sewerage began. The sewerage from Kindy down to Miles street does not have the correct levels which means that part of the oval down to miles street needs to be dug up and sewerage relayed. This can only happen in the holidays. The sewerage line is currently under the planned kindy room extension which has caused the delay.

So far the room has been gutted, the back wall has been removed, electrical work has began, the new ceiling structure has been installed, air-conditioning unit has been installed and the adult toilets have been plumbed. Work on the children's toilets should be completed by the first week of next term ready for the Pre Primary children to use.

The builders have given me an adjusted timeline for completion which should hopefully be towards the end of next term. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while these works are completed. I would also like to thank Nichole and Karen for ensuring that these works have the least impact on the Pre Primary program as possible. 


As there will be some major sewage works completed on the oval the oval will be closed over the school holidays.


Request for Student Extended Leave During Term Time

If your child is going to be away for any length of time (i.e. family holiday, surgery), a request must be sent to the principal prior to the absence. Please see or collect a form form the front office.

As stated in the School Education Act (1999,) it is expected all students should attend school for each day that it is open for instruction unless unwell and/or physically incapable of attending. The Act also states parents need to obtain permission from the principal for their child/children to have a leave of absence from school for an extended holiday or for any other reason other than health related.

Parents are asked to please use this form to request an absence for your child/children. This form should be submitted for approval at least one month prior to the requested departure from school (except in extenuating circumstances).

While families are not encouraged to take time off during school time this is sometimes unavoidable. There are no expectations for teachers to provide a program of work for students while on holiday during term time. Students are encouraged to read daily and keep a diary of their holiday adventures. 

It is important to consider the implications when organising extended holidays out of school time:

  • Basic building blocks of learning that happen every single day of the school year.
  • If important assessments are missed then some areas of the School Report may be incomplete.
  • Extended leave can cause implications for selection for sports days, NAPLAN, assemblies, sacramental programs etc.


Cricket and Tennis Carnival

Well done to our Year 5 and 6 students who participated in the inter school Cricket and Tennis Carnival at Abbett Park, Scarborough. It was an absolutely beautiful day where students enjoyed playing tennis and cricket in a competitive but fun environment. Once again our students demonstrated great sportsmanship with staff from others schools commenting on their amazing behaviour.


Parent / Teacher interviews

Staff have concluded the scheduled Parent / Teacher interviews. These interviews are a wonderful opportunity for parents to work with staff to set goals for their child. If you were unable to attend the scheduled times please contact your class teacher to organise a time to meet next term.


Code of Conduct

Each fortnight we focus on a conduct statement. This week I have included Conduct statement 10


You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.


  1. Your conduct maintains and builds public trust and confidence in your school, other members of the school community, and the Church.

  2. Any unlawful and unethical actions in your personal life risk adversely affecting both your own and the school’s reputation in the eyes of the public. If the good standing of either you or the school was to diminish, this might jeopardise the inherent trust between the school and parents, as well as the community more generally, necessary for effective relationships and the best education of students.

  3. You notify the Principal of your involvement in any criminal investigation or other legal process that may undermine trust and confidence in your judgement or care of students.

  4. You consider the interests of the school and the Church when exercising your right to freedom of speech and participating in public, political and academic debate, including publication.

  5. You never place the reputation of the school above the safety and well-being of students. 


God Bless


Nic Gaglia