We come to the end of another wonderful and busy term. It has been pleasing to witness the improvement and development of our students of over the past term and I look forward to another great term. I wish you all a very relaxing holiday break and hope you get to spend some quality time with your children.


Interschool Athletics Carnival

Well done to all our students who participated in the Interschool Athletics Carnival. Overall we finished in third place with boys coming 2nd and girls 4th.  A special mention to our Year 5 boys who broke the Year 5 boys 4 x 100m Relay record and to Noah Braun who broke the Year 3 boys 400m record. Thank you to Mrs Goode for preparing our students and to staff and parents who helped out on the day.


Leaving OLGC

If you are leaving OLGC at the end of 2017 could you please inform the front office ASAP as we have a number of families on waiting lists.



There are a number of parents parking on the nature strip on the corner of Thomas Way and Prisk Street.

This is a no parking area as cars parked obscure the view of traffic.

Please ensure that you are adhering to all "no parking" signage.

A reminder that rangers do visit from time to time.



Code of Conduct

As I mentioned, each fortnight we will focus on another conduct statement. This week I have included Conduct statement 3.

You act in accordance with the values of the Gospel as defined in the Code of Ethical Conduct.



1. You are mindful that your decisions and behaviour are opportunities for students and others to see Gospel values in action and how faith integrates with life. Therefore you are responsible for educating yourself and anyone you lead on the content of those values, and their practical application in your decision making.

2. You acknowledge that as a member of a Catholic school community, you are required to strive to develop and live out your relationships with all people in a manner that is based on Gospel values as defined in the CECWA  Code of Ethical Conduct .

3. You accept that as a member of a Catholic school community, your conduct reflects on Catholic Education and the Church, and therefore you must strive to uphold the letter and spirit of the Code of Ethical Conduct.

4. You are called upon by the Code of Ethical Conduct act in a manner that is:

· Based on Christian ethics

· Professional

· Timely

· Contextually appropriate

5. The Code of Ethical Conduct requires you to take an ethical approach based on the living out of Gospel values which find expression in:

· Respect for the dignity of each person

· Acknowledgment of the giftedness of each person

· Commitment to building positive relationships

· Confidentiality

· Accountability

6. Respecting dignity is based on:

· A conscious appreciation of the sacredness of the individual’s creation

· A sensitivity to the fact that each individual has emotions, fears, hopes and an innate goodness which flows from creation in the image of God

7. Recognising the giftedness of others involves:

· Discerning these gifts

· Naming and acknowledging these gifts

· Empowering individuals and groups to use their gifts

8. Fostering positive relationships which flow from being:

· Welcoming and open

· Honest and loyal

· Trusting and trustworthy

· Willing to share knowledge, skills, resources and insights

9. Committing to appropriate confidentiality based on:

· Respect for others

· Professionalism

10. Committing to:

· The Mandate of the Bishops of Western Australia

· The acceptance of responsibility for any action or initiative at a personal and professional level.


God Bless


Nic Gaglia