Environmental Ministry

The Environmental Ministry ran a Paper Making Workshop throughout Term One.

We did it to show kids what happens to recycled paper and as a way of thinking about how we can do our bit to save the environment.

First we ripped the paper up and put it into a bucket of water to make the pulp. Next we found two wooden frames the same size, put one on top of the other and scooped up the pulp into the recycled paper. We then got a cloth put it over the top, then turned it over to the table. Then we got a sponge and pressed down on the wooden frame. We then squeezed out the water. When it was done we took the frame off, lifted it by the towel and took it over to dry on another table.

Hannah (Year Six): I thought the paper would come out really sloppy and lumpy although it came out pretty flat and was as hard as cardboard. 

Kyle (Year Six): I thought it would come out very fragile and lumpy although it came out hard with barely any lumps and you could write on it very well.

Will (Year Six): I thought that it would take long to make but instead it took less time. Also I thought it might have not a lot of paper but it did and it was recycled.

Makayla (Year Two): When I went home I drew on the paper and it worked.


Thank you to everyone who was involved in the paper making.  Particular thanks to the staff for supported this initiative and gave up their lunchtimes to run the sessions.