Swimming Trials will be held at Claremont Pool on Friday 24th February for children in Years
3, 4 and 5.

Children will be put into their Faction Carnival races using the swimming trial results.
Interschool Squad selection is done following the Faction Carnival.
Children interested in being selected for Interschool should attend training following the
trials and prior to the carnival.
Performance, effort and attendance at training are considered along with race results when
selecting Interschool swimmers.

Mrs Goode requires parent helpers at the trials. If you are available to assist for your child's timeslot ( or longer) please notify your child's
teacher or Mrs Goode, goode.julie@olgc.wa.edu.au

Swimming Trials - Class times at Claremont Pool

  • Year 3- 12noon
  • Year 4- 12.50pm
  • Year 5- 1.40pm