Welcome back to the 2017 school year. A special welcome to all our new families and to Julie Goode(Physical education) and Sue Kinsella(Semester 1 Finance officer) our new staff members. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a terrific start to the new year. I myself had a very relaxing holiday spending lots of time with my family. We were fortunate to have spent some time together in Busselton where we had lots of fun playing tennis and cards, swimming and eating lots of delicious food.


School Holiday Works

Over the school holidays lots of work was completed around the school:

Firstly the top layer of the school oval was removed which left only sand and roots. When I first saw the work I was a bit worried that we would be coming back to a barren oval. But within a few weeks the grass started coming back and now we have a lovely level oval minus the troublesome weeds.


For the first two weeks of the holidays a team of painters spent hours painting the external parts of the school including doors, walls, railings, gates, gutters, beams and benches. You will also notice that the hall has also been given a fresh coat of paint.


As we continue to improve our school grounds Year 3 has been used as a trial class. All inbuilt cupboards were removed, the walls and ceiling were repaired and painted and new carpet  installed. With the help of the P&F the final bits of furniture were upgraded. The class looks fresh and inviting, you are more than welcome to pop your head in to have a look.


Last week new air conditioning units were installed into the Year 1 classroom. This now only leaves the Kindergarten class to be upgraded which will be included in the proposed major works to the Kindergarten area at the end of 2017. Thank you to Jason Logan for serving all the air conditioners over the weekend so that they are ready for the onslaught over the next few warm weeks.


An enclosed storage area has been added to the breezeway outside of Year 1 so that all tables and chairs stored under the stairwell will now be appropriately enclosed improving the safety of all and making the area more presentable.


Parent Teacher Information Night

Next Wednesday the 8th Feburary will be the parent Teacher Information Night for Years 1 -6. This is an important information session for all parents. I strongly encourage all to attend. To allow parents to attend more than one class talks will repeated.

Session 1 6:00pm     Session 2 6:45pm


Nic Gaglia