Sacred Heart College Year 7 2019 Enrolments

The College will shortly be closing off Expressions of Interest for Year 7 2019. If you have a child currently in Year 4, and you have not already done so, please register your interest in them attending Sacred Heart College in Year 7 2019 by submitting an Expression of Interest form before Monday 12 December 2016. Siblings of students already at the College must also have submitted an Expression of Interest form to be considered for a place at the College. Expression of Interest forms can be found on our website under the Enrolment section. Registering your interest does not guarantee a place at the College. 

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia has a Policy Statement on Student Enrolment. This Policy contains a priority order that is used to select students for whom an offer of enrolment will be made. The priority order contains 8 categories and the top 4 of these categories are as follows:

1.    Catholic students from Catholic Primary schools with a Parish Priest reference.
2.    Catholic students from non-Catholic Primary schools with a Parish Priest reference.
3.    Other Catholic students from Catholic Primary schools.
4.    Other Catholic students from non-Catholic Primary schools.

Note: The College also includes the following priorities when making offers of enrolment.
•    Every effort is made to accept brothers and sisters of students currently enrolled but no guarantee can be given.
•    Every effort is made to accept the sons and daughters of ex-students of the College but no guarantee can be given.
•    Priority is also given to the admission of students requiring entry to the Education Support Department (ESD) for those with varying disabilities and learning difficulties.

Please note that geographical proximity to the College and length of time the application has been submitted are not taken into consideration and are not part of the enrolment policy.
If you have any questions please phone Julie Cole, Registrar on 9246 8283.