Code of Conduct

As I mentioned in my last newsletter we are required to have a Code of Conduct as part of the System Agreement with the Minister for Education. Clause 6 (3) of the System Agreement states: By 2017, all schools in the system will be required to adhere to a Code of Conduct on child safety in accordance with a standard determined by the Minister under sec on 159 (1) (l). This Code of Conduct will not only need to be abided by the staff of OLGC but also the parents, students, volunteers and visitors of the school. A copy can be locate on the school website at


1:1 Device Program 

Apple has recently changed their MacBook range. One of their changes was deleting the 11’’ MacBook Air from their product line, this was the proposed device for 2017. As a result, we have researched and spoken with relevant consultants. The device for 2017 will be an 9.7’’ iPad Pro. This change will not effect the current Year 4 and 5 classes. An information session was held on Tuesday 22nd of November for Year 3 parents. For more information please follow the link below.


Strategic Plan

Our Lady of Good Counsel Schoo has launched its Strategic Plan for 2017-2019. Producing the document involved more than 6 months in planning and involved extensive consultation. The final plan, reflects the ideas, aspirations and wishes of everyone, from the Students, to the Board, through Parents, Teachers and School Staff. The Strategic Plan will support and further the vision of OLGC by providing clear guidance for the strategic direction of the school.

The Strategic Plan is located on the School website at


School Banking

Many of our students participate in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program. This is a wonderful program which teaches children good savings habits. This terrific program is run by parent helpers. We are seeking volunteers for 2017 as we are looking into a roster system (similar to the canteen). If we are unable to find volunteers the program may not run in 2017. If you are able to assist please talk to or contact Sharon or Zana


Staffing 2017



Christmas Extravaganza

Last Monday you should have received two notes regarding the end of year Christmas Extravaganza. I encourage all families to support this end of year school celebration. If you did not receive the notes please find them attached below.