Wednesday 16 November 2016

7.30 pm in the College Staff Room

The Annual General Meetings of the College Board and P&F will be held at the College on Wednesday 16 November, 2016 commencing at 7.30 pm in the Staff Room.

In accordance with the Board Constitution five (5) positions will become vacant on the Board as a result of the term of the existing members expiring. Being eligible Mr Mark Murphy, Mr Neal Miranda and Ms Michaela Carr again offer themselves for renomination; whilst Mr Michael Heath, Mr Joe Stillitano and Mrs Sam Wasley, whose children will have graduated from the College, do not intend to renominate. Mrs Wasley was the P&F nominee to the Board and the P&F will again independently determine who will be their nominee. Those wishing to nominate for the Board are asked to submit a brief biography of no more than 400 words with their Nomination.

The College is a large and diverse entity and scope exists for a variety of persons possessing differing skill sets to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of the College. Skills in the areas of Building/Architecture will be particularly held in high regard as the College continues with its extensive building development plans. Other skills in the areas of General Management, Information Technology, Compliance & Legal, Risk, Marketing, Human Resources and Academic experience would also assist the College in its governance responsibilities. Equally, those who possess a general will and desire to contribute in any way they can are also most welcome. The College’s Strategic Plan for the period 2014 – 2017 would provide a good basis for understanding where the College is heading; a copy can be accessed at

Enquiries can be made with the College Business Manager, Mr Stephen Martin by phone on 9246 8268 or by email to The Board operates under a Constitution which can be found on the College website at:

Community members wishing to place an item on the Agenda of the Board meeting can also contact the Business Manager.

The closing date for nominations and agenda items is 9.00am Friday 11 November 2016. Late applications and submissions cannot be accepted.

College community members are invited to attend as reports will be provided by the Principal, Board Chairperson, Board Treasurer and P&F Chairperson.

Stephen Martin

For and on behalf of the Board

21 October 2016