St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal



Christmas hampers filled with festive, non-perishable food are a great way to provide families with dignity and joy during the holiday season.

The hampers will be collected on the 21st of November by a representation from St Vincent De Paul.


Hamper necessities

Other goods to consider

  • Christmas pudding       Custard

  • Tinned fruit                   Bon bons

  • Tea                               Coffee

  • Milo                              Long life milk

  • Sweet biscuits              Candy canes

  • Jelly                               Jams

  • Long life juice                Christmas cake

  • Pancake mix                 Cordial

  • Lollies                           Vegemite

  • Couscous                     Cereal

  • Dried fruit                     Fruit mince pies

  • Savory biscuits            Tinned vegetables

  • Confectionery              Muesli bar

  • Pasta sauce                 Vegemite

An easy way to organise the hampers is to allocate families to different homerooms and/or class groups. The list of items above is suggested only. It would be fantastic if the students look at the needs of the family and adjust the hamper accordingly.
To uphold the dignity of those receiving the hampers, please ensure that all food items are not due to expire for another 6 months. Please avoid wrapping the goods as they will need to be packaged into hampers once received.