2017 Principal AGM Report

This year has been very fruitful with many achievements and successes. Student enrolments for 2017 have been steady with 225 students in Kindy–Year 6 and 17 Three-Year-Old students. 2018 will see many new families joining our community. Catholic enrolments for 2018 remain above 90%. It is interesting to note that feedback from each new family I interview focuses on the positive feeling within the community. It is not only regarding the conduct of our students but also the great educational program we offer. I believe that through our diverse program we endeavour for each child to achieve their academic potential while ensuring that we place high priority on developing their spiritual, social and emotional well-being.  


At Our Lady of Good Counsel School, we provide an excellent educational experience based on the Gospel values which are integrated into all aspects of the school life. We aim to promote spiritual and personal development focused on the formation of the whole person inspired by Jesus’ teachings. We don’t just teach Religious Education but seek to develop every child’s connection to Christ through lessons, prayer, experiences and acts of service; we aim for children to have the opportunity to live a Christ centred life.


The 2017 Strategic Plan was implemented through our Annual School Improvement Plan which focused on:

Learning is what we do. We are committed to learning at every level.

  • 21st Century Learning & Technologies curriculum through cluster Professional Development
  • Consistently review Quality Improvement Plan in order to comply with National Quality Standards.
  • Teaching/learning programs that engage Making Thinking Visible strategies.
  • Implementation Levelled Literacy Intervention to support literacy development.
  • CEWA Mathematics Project – Basic Facts Scope and Sequence, lesson structure & learning intentions.
  • Implementation of a K-2 approach to the teaching of phonics/spelling.
  • Development of a staff handbook with clear guides and expectations.


Engagement is essential. We are committed to Catholic Education’s Mission through relationships with all.

  • Implement current communication tools such as a school Facebook and mobile friendly web page.
  • Create a consistent school approach to communicating with parents e.g Edublogs.
  • Parish Priests and parishioners are invited to school events.
  • Implement a pastoral care program for the school and parish community.
  • Including a school news insert in the Parish Bulletin.


Accountability is not optional. We have both personal and collective responsibilities for our system’s success.

  • In consultation with school board and school architect develop a Capital Development Master Plan.
  • Invest time in analysis of data, use data to drive instruction and to assist forward planning.


Discipleship is our calling. We are committed to deepening our relationship with Jesus.

  • Developed a sense of ownership among students with their Class Evangelisation Projects.
  • Staff familiarised themselves with the Making Jesus Real(MJR) program.
  • Educated students and community about School Evangelisation Projects.
  • Increase exposure and promotion of Meals by Mums.


Teachers have fully implemented and reported on the West Australian Curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education. Staff have begun to implement Technologies and The Arts which will be fully implemented in 2018. This year’s overall NAPLAN results were outstanding.  Our data highlights the excellent growth our students have had across all assessed learning areas.  The staff have done an excellent job of producing high quality teaching and learning experiences for all of our children. The results are a wonderful reflection teaching staff we have and their dedication to the students in our school. NAPLAN data has confirmed that we are addressing student needs and has highlighted the continued need to work on the area of grammar and punctuation.


The P&F have had an exceptional year focusing on building community. Events have included the Picnic on The Green, Mothers’ and Fathers’ day stalls, Interschool Sports breakfasts, Friday ice-creams, assembly coffee mornings, discos and our upcoming Christmas extravaganza. A thank you to the P&F Executive and Committee members. A special thanks to Mandy Chapman for her great leadership as P&F president. Mandy has done an outstanding job building a strong community focus. Also thank you to Amanda Tuite who is stepping down as a committee member after six years. This year we had the introduction of the ADHOC Fathering group who aim to equip fathers and father figures with opportunities to engage positively with their kids. The group have run a variety of events including ‘New Dads Lawn Bowls’, ‘Lake Leschenaultia Day Out’, ‘WAFL Day at the Footy’, ‘Mothers Day flowers’, ‘Family Movie Night’ , ‘Fathers day School Drop Off’  and the ‘Bunbury Camping Trip’. A special thank you to the many parents who volunteer in classes and assist with the many events and programs throughout the school.


I thank and acknowledge the School Board for their ongoing diligence in the management of our school. It is through the support of the board that we are able to maintain the financial stability of our school while ensuring we continually seek to improve facilities and create excellent learning environments for all students. Over the course of 2017, we have continued to make improvements to the buildings and grounds. These have included the Year 3 & 4 classroom refurbishment, new air conditioning in Year 1 and the Activity Room, an enclosed storage area added to breezeway, works on the oval, exterior painting of school buildings, the alarm system was upgraded, switched over to IP telephony & had the court resurfaced. Next year we will commence our Capital Development Plan. The scope of works includes extending the Kindergarten/3 year old room, adding extra internal and external storage areas, gutting the existing toilets, adding extra toilets, adding a staff toilet, extending the Kindergarten/PP play area, creating a nature play area for the entire school, re-fencing the perimeter of the school and adding a timed locking system.


I would especially like to thank Fr Nicholas, Fr Joe and Deacon Greg for their leadership and guidance. Over the year we have closely worked with the Parish Priests, Parish Sacramental Coordinators and St Dominic’s school leadership team in order to create a parish based sacramental program. The introduction of the students and parent Sacramental workshops were well received giving students and parents special time to talk about their faith. It has also been wonderful to have the continued support of the parish community with many members volunteering to assist with our before school reading programs as well as attending events held.


This year we have had a few changes with staff. Julie Goode joined our staff and settled in very quickly becoming a great asset to our school. Alison Elsegood took Long Service Leave during Semester One and Sue Kinsella and Katheryn Climo worked in this role whilst Alison was away . Early in the year Louise Bonciani completed her teaching degree and took up a teaching position at another school. Jo-Anne Deib was a welcome appointment to the position and has done a wonderful job working tirelessly with students and staff. At the end of Term One Natalie Cooper went on maternity leave and had a beautiful baby girl. Nicole Nuttall joined or staff and I would like to thank Nicole for all her efforts and wonderful work she has completed with our Year 5 students and wish her all the best at Mater Christi. 2018 will see a few changes in staffing, firstly, Julia Waller has taken up a position at Loretto. I thank Julia for wonderful contributions she has made to the school as music teacher and G&T teacher. Jasmin Kenworthy will be taking over the Enrichment program in 2018. Matthew Ferrinda has taken a position as Digital Technologies Teacher Leader at St Helena’s. I would like to thank Matthew for his great work and dedication, he has been a wonderful asset to our school and will be sorely missed. Amanda Cochrane, who is currently IT Coordinator at St Gerard’s, will be replacing Matthew as IT leader and Year 3 classroom Teacher. Tim Carter will be moving to Year 4 and Mark Fitzpatrick will be returning to teach Year 5. Bethan Lilford will be the  Year 6 teacher. All other staff will remain in their current positions.


We are extremely blessed to have such dedicated staff. I thank each and every one of them for their commitment, passion and professionalism. We are so fortunate to have outstanding individuals who give so much towards the development of all our precious students. I would like to especially mention Alison, Jenny and Shannon for their assistance in the office, always ensuring that things run smoothly. Thank you particularly to our Assistant Principal Jasmin Kenworthy who is dedicated, passionate and always inspires others be the best person they can be.


Please also find attached the 2018 Board Chair, Board Treasurer and P&F President reports.



God Bless


Nic Gaglia